Say Goodbye to Speeding Tickets

Trap Tap is a hands-free indicator device that sits on your dash and lets you know if you’re near a speed trap or red light camera.

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How It Works

TrapTap is a simple and stylish wireless button that warns you of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones by flashing different colors. Best yet, it has a 2-year battery life!

It already knows the location of every red light camera and school zone but relies on its community of users to mark the location of mobile and radar traps. 

TrapTap is completely legal (not a radar detector) and acts like your personal co-pilot, constantly warning you of danger. To us, he is like our little buddy who always sits shotgun. It simply sits on your dash and is designed to save you cash.

With TrapTap you are doing something right by helping out your community. Not every place has clearly listed speed traps so TrapTap acts as a backup device for safe driving.

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TrapTap - A Wireless Speed Trap Indicator -- Kicktraq Mini

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