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Hands-Free Driving Aid

Avoid Tickets And Stay Safe On The Road

TrapTap warns you of mobile speed traps and hazards

Your Best Driving Buddy

Never get a ticket again. Be informed of every speed trap, school zone, speed limit and red light camera.

TrapTap is not a radar detector, it relies on information from its community as well as third party providers to ensure real-time and up-to-date data.

Stay Connected With Up To Date Information

Your TrapTap connects to the free smartphone app* to provide you daily updates so there are never any surprises.

With over 1 million pre-loaded data points, TrapTap keeps you informed while recording data about your recent drives.

*Free TrapTap app requires an iPhone 4S or later or leading Android phone. TrapTap app requires a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0+. GPS. and an active cell connection.

Always Be Informed While Travelling

Right out of the box, TrapTap comes pre-mapped to work in over 60 countries for every school zone, red light camera and speeding alert. When you are abroad, we have your safety in mind.

School Zone Alerts

When approaching a nearby school zone, TrapTap will notify you by flashing yellow.

Red Light Camera Alerts

When approaching a nearby red light camera, TrapTap will notify you by flashing red.

Speeding Alerts

If you breach the speed limit, TrapTap will notify you by flashing green.

Community Sourced Mobile Traps/Hazards

Tap your TrapTap to contribute to the community. TrapTap will mark your current location as a potential mobile trap or road hazard. Others in the community will then be notified of this area.

Tap Once to set a mobile trap at your current location

Tap Twice to remove a mobile trap at your current location

Extrememly Compact

Being only 2.5”x 1.5” in size, travelling or switching from car to car is a breeze.

iOS and Android Compatible

Customize the settings that best fit your driving style. Easily set speed notifications and view your driving stats.

Power Smart

The 2-year replaceable battery and smart power sensors ensure little power is used while you’re driving.

Auto Connect

Automatically connects to your phone when you enter your car so there's no need to pull out your phone when you're on the go.

Worldwide Data

With over 1M data points pre-mapped in 60 countries, you will feel as safe as driving back at home.


TrapTap does not require charging cables, giving you endless ways to mount your device without the clutter. TrapTap is designed to look good on your dash.

TrapTap is designed to inform you of hazards without being a distraction while you're driving.

On The Go
Without The Hassle

With the auto connect feature, you never have to worry about forgetting to open an app or connect a device. TrapTap stays busy, working silently in the background so you can get on with your day.

Customize Your Settings To Fit Your Driving Style

The TrapTap app gives you the freedom to specify which alerts you want and when. Easily change your settings on the go.

Designed To Complement Your Vehicle

TrapTap is easy to set up anywhere in your vehicle. With it's reusable two-way sticky pad, you've got plenty of options to figure out which placement works best for you.

Review and Edit

Take ownership of your city by easily submitting edits to road information and helping us add new data points. See exactly where you drove and the alerts you came across. Your drive is available to you right at your finger tips.

It's So Simple

Download the app

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Place on dashboard

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$239.00 USD

Drivers Cannot Live Without Their TrapTap