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Quick Notification Reference

Yellow Light
Nearby school zone. 

Blue Light

Nearby hazard. 

Green Light


Red Light

Nearby red light camera.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble connecting/pairing my TrapTap.

If this is the first time you are connecting your TrapTap to your app ensure your iPhone or Android device has bluetooth enabled. During the setup process if your TrapTap is not flashing blue when you hold the button down for 5 seconds there could be something wrong with your TrapTap. Please contact us directly by tapping the circular Help button on the main screen. If your TrapTap is flashing properly, please try resetting your iPhone or Android device and trying again.

I drove past a school zone, however my TrapTap didn’t alert me.

TrapTap should alert you of nearby school zones based on our database of school locations. However if you happen to notice that TrapTap is missing a school zone location we can easily add it into our database! Please just contact us with the name and address of the school and we will have it working for you right away.

I found a street that seems to be missing a speed limit or is incorrect.

Our database contains speed limits for most major and secondary roads. However, we don’t have every single road in the world marked. If you happen to find a road which seems to be incorrectly labelled with a speed please contact us with the street name and we will update it for you right away!

Do I need to manually connect my TrapTap every time I get into the car?

No. Once you setup TrapTap for the first time it should automatically reconnect to your iPhone or Android device every time you get in your car and start driving. If this isn’t happening automatically, please ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on. Note that it may take up to 1 minute after you start driving for your TrapTap to automatically connect. You will be notified of connection with a green and blue flashing pattern from your TrapTap.

Does the app need to be open in order for TrapTap to work?

No. The TrapTap app stays open in the background of your iPhone or Android device listening for a connection request from your TrapTap. So there is no need to open the TrapTap app every time you get in your car.

Other Light Patterns

Flashing Blue and Green
This blue and green pattern flashes when your TrapTap is successfully connected to your iPhone and Android device. You are good to drive knowing TrapTap is protecting you!. 

Flashing Blue and Red
The TrapTap has detected that you are driving but you iPhone or Android device is not currently connected. You will need to try opening you TrapTap app on your phone or possibly reset your phone. Once a successful connection is made - TrapTap will notify you by flashing Blue and Green. 


Setting/Removing a Blue Trap Hazard

Set a Trap - Single Tap
See a hazard on the road? Tap the TrapTap button once and TrapTap will mark the location and send the information to all other TrapTap users when they drive nearby. TrapTap will confirm the hazard with a normal blue blinking pattern.

Remove a Trap - Double Tap
Did TrapTap notify you of a hazard that no longer exists on the road? Double tap your TrapTap to remove the hazard for yourself and for everyone else! TrapTap will confirm the removal by flashing blue very rapidly.