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Nighthawk Black

Nighthawk Black

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TrapTap is a distraction-free device that sits on your dash and reminds you to slow down and alerts you of nearby speed traps, school zones & red light cameras.

1 year warranty
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Technical Specification

5.95 cm diameter,
2.05 cm height.
50 grams.
Supported devices:
iPhone 4S and up,
leading Android devices.
Connectivity requirements:
Bluetooth required.
Power supply:
Two year battery (coin cell).
FCC CE certified.
Low energy. 800,000+ POIs mapped.

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20 dec 2016

After a month of use, I can see how @gettraptap makes people better drivers! #nomorespeeding I am also more aware of school zones!

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Questions & Answers

  • What is TrapTap?

    TrapTap is a dash-mounted indicator that warns you of any speed trap, red light camera trap, or school zone.

  • How does my TrapTap work?

    TrapTap uses Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE) to communicate with your smartphone and the free app and its mapping software on your phone.

  • How big is it?

    TrapTap has a diameter of 2.3" and is about 0.5" thick

  • Is it legal?

    Yes, TrapTap is 100% legal since it does not use any radar detecting technologies. It relies on you and everyone else to help mark any cop or mobile speed trap not already tracked.

  • Are there any laws confirming its legality?

    A federal judge in the States passed a law recently allowing apps and similar devices to warn drivers of speed traps:

  • Does it work in my city?

    We have mapped each TrapTap to work in over 60 countries. Odds are your location has been mapped. Check here to confirm TrapTap will work in your country:

  • Will it work if no one else in my city has it yet?

    Yes! We only crowdsource mobile speed traps and cop radar traps. This requires more users to be more effective, but until then, your TrapTap will work for all other red light cameras and school zones since these are pre-mapped and kept up-to-date on your device.

  • How will you keep these red light cameras and school zones up to date?

    We have hired a third party team who monitors and scrapes your city's data to keep this constantly updated.

  • How long does the battery last?

    We have optimized the battery life to last as long as possible. For most use-cases it will last up to 2 years. But just in case, your TrapTap still has a replaceable battery. Just open the back and replace it with regular coin cell batteries.

  • How can TrapTap have such a long battery life?

    TrapTap works in passive mode where it will be turned off all the time until it connects to your phone.

  • I’m having trouble connecting/pairing my TrapTap.

    If this is the first time you are connecting your TrapTap to your app ensure your iPhone or Android device has Bluetooth enabled. During the setup process if your TrapTap is not flashing blue when you hold the button down for 5 seconds there could be something wrong with your TrapTap. Please contact us directly by tapping the circular Help button on the main screen. If your TrapTap is flashing properly, please try resetting your iPhone or Android device and trying again.

  • I drove past a school zone, however my TrapTap didn’t alert me.

    TrapTap should alert you of nearby school zones based on our database of school locations. However, if you happen to notice that TrapTap is missing a school zone location we can easily add it into our database! Please just contact us in the TrapTap app with the name and address of the school and we will have it working for you right away.

  • I found a street that seems to be missing a speed limit or is incorrect.

    Our database contains speed limits for most major and secondary roads. However, we don’t have every single road in the world marked. If you happen to find a road which seems to be incorrectly labeled with a speed please contact us with the street name and we will update it for you right away! 

  • Do I need to manually connect my TrapTap every time I get into the car?

    No. Once you setup TrapTap for the first time it should automatically reconnect to your iPhone or Android device every time you get in your car and start driving. If this isn’t happening automatically, please ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on. Note that it may take up to 1 minute after you start driving for your TrapTap to automatically connect. You will be notified of connection with a green and blue flashing pattern from your TrapTap.

  • Does the app need to be open in order for TrapTap to work?

    No. The TrapTap app stays open in the background of your iPhone or Android device listening for a connection request from your TrapTap. So there is no need to open the TrapTap app every time you get in your car.

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