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TrapTap Wireless Traffic Ticket Device

TrapTap Wireless Traffic Ticket Device

$129.00 USD  $179.00 USD

Drive safer, smarter and save money when you know where every speed/red light camera, school zone, speed limit, and speed trap is. Mapped in over 64 countries, this auto accessory will flash different colors and sounds to warn you when to slow down.

1 year warranty
Hassle-free Returns
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Technical Specification

5.95 cm diameter,
2.05 cm height.
50 grams.
Supported devices:
iPhone 4S and up,
leading Android devices.
Connectivity requirements:
Bluetooth required.
Power supply:
Two year battery (coin cell).
FCC CE certified.
Low energy. 800,000+ POIs mapped.

Customers Reviews


Amy W.

10 july 2017

"Great product, my kids love it. Excellent customer service too!"



9 july 2017

"This thing works great! Love how I can now feel more relaxed on the road!"


TrapTap Customer

5 june 2017

"Great product, excellent service"



4 June 2017

"I had a bit of issues connecting, but their customer service solved the problem right away. Have to say this is better than those iphone apps since this offers a more handsfree approach. Good product, good customer service."



1 june 2017

"Arrived in time in really good packaging. Has good instructions and is super easy to set up. There was a couple missing data points, but the TrapTap team quickly fixed once messaged. Super Impressed!"



24 May 2017

"great device"



22 May 2017

"This works better than I expected.I did have a small issue when connecting the product, but customer support was good with their assistance and I haven't had any issues since."



7 May 2017

"If this can save me from at least one ticket, then it’s well worth it."



27 April 2017

"Shipping took a day longer but other than that, works as promised. Girlfriend wants one now."



15 April 2017

"Cool product with no issues. Would recommend."



3 April 2017

"I love my TrapTap! Does exactly what it claims. School zones are a nice touch too."



22 March 2017

"Super easy to set up. A couple roads were missing speed and I messaged them in the app. Got back to me right away and fixed these speeds. Best customer service hands down."



19 March 2017

"Its so small! Literally fits in your pocket. I have a couple cars so makes switching a breeze."



7 March 2017

"Once I heard about TrapTap It was a no-brainer for me to get one. It’s already saved me at least 1 needless ticket and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase."



23 February 2017

"This really works great in Australia! Even warned me of a police trap the other day."



5 February 2017

"Got this for my dad. He thanks his TrapTap everytime it blinks haha.."


Katie C.

2 February 2017

"The multiple colors helps distinguish the alert without taking my eyes off the road."



20 Jan 2017

"I like that when you initially connect the unit to your phone, you don’t need to open the app again - which is more convenient than other traffic apps."



18 Jan 2017

"Had some issues with school zones not working. Talked to customer service and they updated them. Works pretty good now."



7 Jan 2017

"Even though it alerts me of school zones and red light cameras that I pass by often, the reminders make sure I’m more vigilant in my driving."

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Questions & Answers

  • What is TrapTap?

    TrapTap is a is a dash-mounted Bluetooth device that acts as your personal driving aid. We call it "our not so annoying, backseat driver." TrapTap warns you of any speed trap, red light camera trap, school zone, and when you are speeding. The device will flash red for red light cameras, yellow for school zones, green for when you are speeding, and blue for any mobile radar trap.
    The blue indicator relies on TrapTap’s community of drivers to help mark the location of any mobile speed trap or hazard. When a driver sees a mobile speed or radar trap, all they need to do is tap the button on the TrapTap device to mark its location. Double tapping will get rid of the trap.

    The device requires the use of your smartphone and works with iOS and Android. You will also need the TrapTap app available from the App Store or Google Play Store. The app allows you to set up your device, adjust your settings, and even see your previous drives as well as your stats on your driving performance.

    TrapTap was built to be extremely versatile, allowing you to move it from car to car, keep it in your pocket, or even take it traveling. However, don’t let its small size fool you. Inside, TrapTap has a 2-year battery life and a powerful computer that knows exactly when you drive and when you are parked. With over 60 countries pre-mapped in the device, you will never have an issue staying safe on the road in your home town or while traveling.


  • How does my TrapTap work?

    TrapTap is not a radar detector. It comes pre-mapped with every red light/stationary camera, school zone, and speed limit in over 60 countries! The button on the device allows drivers to help mark the location of any mobile speed trap or police radar trap. Since TrapTap relies on its drivers to help mark the location of these mobile traps, the device is legal since it is not detecting radar guns. 

    When you see a speed trap and your TrapTap does not light up, it means you are the first one to find the trap. Simply tapping on the device once sets the trap location for any other TrapTap driver. If the trap is gone, double tapping will get rid of the trap location for other drivers. TrapTap requires the use of your smartphone to pull the most recent and updated data to the device. Currently, the app is only available for Android and iOS devices. Once you download and connect your TrapTap, the device will automatically connect each time you enter the car. Just sit back, relax, and drive!

  • How compact is TrapTap?

    TrapTap was designed to be extremely portable, making it easy to move from car to car. With no messy cords or power cables and how simply it was built to mount anywhere in your vehicle, TrapTap's sleek design simply fits in your pocket and has a diameter of 2.3" and is about 1.5" thick. 

  • Is TrapTap a radar detector/jammer and is it legal?

    The great thing about TrapTap is that it is not a radar detector. It uses its community of drivers to help mark the location of any mobile speed trap, radar trap, and road hazard. Becuase of this, TrapTap is legal in a majority of the places we have mapped around the world like Canada, USA, Australia, and most of Europe. 

    Here is some proof of its legality in the USA: A federal judge in the States passed a law recently allowing apps and similar devices to warn drivers of speed traps:

  • Is TrapTap mapped to work in my city?

    With over 800,000 points of interest, we have mapped TrapTap to work in over 60 countries! Talk about a lot of roads :) We have users all over the world, from Canada, USA, Europe, to Australia. Plus much more!

    Odds are your location has been mapped. Check here to confirm if TrapTap will work in your country:

  • How many people in my city need to have TrapTap for it to work best?

    This is a great question and honestly, not a lot! We have found that many large cities only need a handful of drivers driving on their main roadways in order for mobile traps and hazards to be marked. Since we only crowdsource mobile speed traps and cop radar traps, your TrapTap will work right out of the box for all other red light cameras school zones, and speed limits since these are pre-mapped and kept up-to-date on your device. With thousands of drivers using TrapTap, you should not have any issues!

  • How often do you update the data and how accurate is it?

    We realize how important real-time information is to your safety and for the use of your TrapTap. Our large data team works hard, along with a few third party data companies, to keep the data in your city accurate and newly updated! 

    If you ever come across any missing/incorrect data points please let us know right away. You can even update the data yourself if you feel confident! Either way, simply open your TrapTap, select the review tab, select the drive with the error, and either update the data point or hit submit and we will reach out with in 5 minutes asking what the problem is. If it is not correct, then it will be fixed ASAP!

  • How long will my TrapTap battery last?

    TrapTap is pretty smart! So smart that it knows exactly when you are driving and when you are parked. When not driving, your TrapTap will go into sleep mode, hardly using any battery power. During this time, your app will not be running and it will not use any data/power on your phone. Please leave it in the background of your phone so that your TrapTap will automatically connect upon entering your vehicle. 

    We have optimized the battery life to last as long as possible and it will last up to 2 years! When it comes time for a new battery, simply unscrew the back panel and replace it with 1 coin cell battery (CR2450) found at any convenience store.

  • I’m having trouble connecting/pairing my TrapTap.

    Your TrapTap should automatically connect every time you enter your vehicle. If this does not happen, simply reach out to us by using the chat function in the TrapTap app. This is the best and fastest way to get a response.

    If this is the first time you are connecting your TrapTap to your app and are having issues, make sure your iPhone or Android device has Bluetooth enabled. Once enabled, do not try to connect to the device through your phone's Bluetooth settings, as you MUST connect the device to your phone with the TrapTap app. Follow the in app instructions for our easy pairing process.

    Still having issues? Hold down the TrapTap button for 5 seconds and if it is not flashing blue, then please contact us through the app chat function as there may be something wrong with your device. We will send out a new one ASAP!

    If your TrapTap is flashing blue after holding for 5 seconds, please try restarting your iPhone or Android device and trying again. Sometimes our phones like to act up and need a quick reset. Always feelfreee to contact us via the TrapTap app with any questions.

  • I drove through a school zone but my TrapTap never flashed yellow?

    This is a rare case, but it sometimes does happen. You're one of the lucky people who found a new school, or one we might have just missed. No need to sweat, as all you need to do is go to the review tab in the TrapTap app, submit your drive that had the missing school, and let us know what street it was on. Our team will get the school added within 24 hours. Crisis diverted, and you just became our daily hero!

  • Am I able to update speed limits, camera locations, and school zones?

    With over 60 countries mapped out and 800,000+ points of interest, it will be hard to find a city where TrapTap doesn't work. If you ever come across any missing or incorrect data, please let us know right away, or use the review feature in your app to update the data in seconds. Here you are able to review your current and previous drives and even look at some of your driving stats. The map makes it incredibly simple to edit/correct any data.

  • How does my TrapTap automatically connect when I enter my vehicle?

    TrapTap has an accelerometer that can tell when you to start to drive and when you come to a stop. In fact, every time you stop, your TrapTap quickly goes to sleep to save you battery and is fully powered again as soon as you start driving. Once you setup TrapTap for the first time it will automatically reconnect to your iPhone or Android device when you get in your car and start driving. Its smart Bluetooth technology knows when you are in range and when to connect. 

    If this isn’t happening automatically, please ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on. Note that it may take up to 1 minute after you start driving for your TrapTap to automatically connect as each smart phone's pairing time varies. You will be notified of connection with a cheerful green and blue flashing pattern from your TrapTap.

  • How does the smartphone app work with TrapTap?

    TrapTap's intelligence comes right from the Android and iOS app. We are constantly updating and monitoring the roads in each city to make sure your device is updated daily in real-time. The use of the app is required as TrapTap uses the app to ensure the device sends you the most up-to-date information.

    Once you connect your device once to the app, TrapTap will always remember and it will automatically connect every time you get into your vehicle and start driving. Never have to worry about opening an app, turning on a device, or having to connect each time, as long as you keep the app in the background (not closed). The TrapTap app also does not use data or run in the background until it connects to your device.

Shipping Information

US and Canada: Starts at $5.00 USD

International: Starts at $10.00 USD

Processing time: All orders are sent to our fulfillment center in LA, California within 24 hours of order placement. The fulfillment center and DHL, USPS, or UPS process the orders, which takes 1-3 days.

Delivery time: Orders shipped to the US and Canada usually take 7-14 days to arrive. Orders shipped internationally usually take 15-30 days to arrive. Delivery times are approximate.